I flew Emirates from Mumbai to LA via Dubai on September 15th 2009. On arrival at LAX, I was informed by ground-staff that my bag had not arrived and was left behind in Dubai. They said the earliest they could deliver the bag was the next day (24 hours after I had landed). Since I was on a business trip with meetings scheduled the next morning, I had no option but to buy clothing and toiletries for the next day.

I submitted the delayed baggage claim form as required by the airlines. Several phone calls over a week elicited no response from Emirates.

On returning from the trip I again sent several emails to customer services who first responded to tell me that the ‘issue was being investigated’. Over a month later, after sending multiple reminders, they said “As a gesture of goodwill, without prejudice or admission of liability, we are pleased to consider reasonable reimbursement for the cost incurred to purchase essential items of an immediate need e.g. clothes and toiletries during the period your baggage was delayed”. This was on 22 October 2009.

I sent them the receipts on the same day. It is now a month later and they have not responded to the email.

I am truly disgusted with Emirates and will never consider flying this airline again.

Found At: Emirates – unethical business practices

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