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I called Empire Carpets to schedule an appointment for someone to come measure my basement apartment for carpeting in 2 rooms and linoleum to be laid down in kitchen on 7-22-13. I selected the time frame of 6:00pm to 8:00pm being I work. Empire had a representative call my home, that Monday, that they were unable to make the schedule appointment. The representative stated that if I was willing to reschedule, Empire would knock $50.00 off the price of the carpet. I agreed to rescheduling and set the date for Wednesday, July 24th, 2013 between the hours of 6-8pm with the understanding that I needed the carpeting laid down BY the following weekend being I had tenants moving in the following Monday 7-29-13. The representative reassured me that there wouldn’t be a problem with that accomodation and apologized for the inconvenience. 7-24-13 I rushed home early from my job to make it home in time for the carpet measurer who was supposed to arrive that evening between 6-8pm. Noone showed up to my home AGAIN! I telephoned Empire to see what was going on and if the man was possibly delayed. At 8:15 pm that evening I telephoned Empire and the representative went into their computer system and said that I was in the system for 6-8 pm that evening but Empire never assigned anyone to come out to the home! They again offered an additional $50.00 off my order. I was enraged and on a time limit, I told them that this was poor business and that I had no time frame left to go with anyone else! The following day, Empire called my home on 7-25-13 and I spoke with Manager, Anthony Baque. Manager was outraged and said that this situation NEVER has happened before and he did NOT blame me for being upset. He then offered me his “manager discount” and personally GUARANTEED that if I was willing to wait until Monday 7-29-13 he would PERSONALLY make sure that someone was here to measure. I explained to him that the tenants were moving in on Monday and Anthony reassured me that they would move all furniture when laying carpet down at no charge in good faith. So, I agreed, assuming that a manager was involved so whatever the mix up was, it would be handled from this point on. So, Manager gave me his email, sent me an email confirmation, which I have taken the liberty of printing out for the Better business bureau, and ANOTHER appointment was scheduled for 7-29-13 between 6-8 pm. After speaking with the manager, getting his reassurance and e-mail, Empire was a NO SHOW on 7-29-13, ONCE AGAIN! I phoned Empire carpets AGAIN, the representative tried contacting the manager in charge and left a voicemail and never received a phone call back! The person responsible for the measuring tried calling my cell phone leaving a voicemail asking me to call him back. I tried to call him back and his cell went immediately to voicemail. He was probably trying to cancel AGAIN! Since the final chance I gave Empire to make good on this situation (7-29-13), I have not heard from Empire Carpets AT ALL, no follow up call from Manager OR the person scheduled to come out to my home and measure. POOR, POOR, POOR business and DISGUSTING managerial skills! Whatever you do, think twice before calling Empire Carpets! I wouldn’t want anyone else to experience the same situation! I am now left with tenants in the aprtment with concrete floors due to no carpeting or linoleum, thanks to this wonderful and accomodating company! Ive called other places and theres a 7-10 day wait! THANK YOU EMPIRE! FOR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! I am taking this matter further to the better business bureau and reporting you! I can assure you, you have not heard the last from me!

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