Etihad Airways

Dear Sir or Madam

Mail from 2nd May:

Ms. MM and I just arrived at Abu Dhabi Airport (Flight EY074 from Zurich). Unfortunately, there are some negative points we want to tell you.

First of all, the baggage of Ms MM was completely damaged through lack of care. You can find a few pictures to see the damage. We definitely have to purchase new baggage.

Furthermore, the coordination at the airport was very weak. No information, no displays and especially no staff to talk to. We were not informed about the second PCR test we had to do.

In addition, it was not clear and easy at all to find the shuttle service. The waiting station was not comfortable and no food or drinks were offered.

Due to the delay of the bus service I have contacted your hotline support to find another solution. Your colleague offered me a bus service at 11 PM (30 minutes after arrival at Abu Dhabi Airport). Even the long waiting at the passport control and the not mentioned second PCR-Test took us more than an hour. This confirms that there is a lack of transparency of processes and staff.

This was my first experience with Etihad Airlines and I can tell you that this was a really bad experience.

I hereby want to find a solution and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely



Found At: Etihad Airways – Overall reclamation

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