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“Highly Respected” Dirk Craen with several phony PhD Titles threatens Ex-Student. – Dirk Craen, the “highly respected” owner of several phony PhD Titles who currently runs the European University (now called E U Business School) threatened to sue an ex-student for announcing to the public that he was dissatisfied with what he was given after paying a high tuition fee. – We were given no service whats-o-ever, the teachers didn’t show up because they didn’t get paid, we practically had to fight for the rights you normally are given as students. In July [some time ago] Espen Solhaug woke up from a phone call from Dirk Craen, the “highly respected” president and owner of this chain of scam schools, back then operating under the name of “European University” (but currently called “E U Business School”). The “highly respected” owner passed himself off as a student seeking education in Spain. But Solhaug recognized his voice and asked if he could help him. The “highly respected” president started to yell and threatened to file a lawsuit of €30.000 against Solhaug. Solhaug who started up to help other people avoid these kind of scam schools, had written his personal statements on his site, saying that the school only focuses on earning money and does not consider their own students. The “highly respected” owner claimed that he had lost two student because of these comments. Solhaug says that he is glad that he has helped two students and that there are many legitimate schools in Barcelona that actually care about their students. Don’t you think that these statements were to hard? *- Not really. I wrote that we have learned that the school focuses on earning money for themselves. One of the teachers told us that he hadn’t been paid salary from the school for a long time and therefore would not show up for class. I’ve met students who attended the school before me and after me, and they have reported the same, that professors have left in them middel of the semester due to no salaries. *- Although the school requires their applicants to write essays and do the GMAT test, most of the people could just show up and be enrolled. For an MBA you are required to have at least two years of working experience, but it seemed as long as they paid the tuition, no test, no work experience and not even filling out an application form was required. You also mention that the school is managed badly. *- Yes, they seem to have no control of what they are doing. One of my friends wanted to do an exchange with one of European University’s partners, but when he showed up at the remote school they hadn’t even heard of the European University. Some of my fellow students have not even received their transcript yet, two years since graduation. I have also heard that one guy just called them because he was missing a grade. The staff told him it had been a misunderstanding and finally gave him the ‘A’ — even though he hadn’t even participated in the class. [When he went public] Solhaug started to receive emails from a Spanish lawyer who claimed to represent the European University. And the threat of the lawsuit kept rising when Solhaug wrote about it on his web page. At last, the threat of the lawsuit had increased to €100 000. *- I had my lawyer write back to them. This is clearly an act which will go under [is protected by] “freedom of speech”. What would you say to students who are not satisfied with this place? *- Go public. You might not get your money back, but at least you help other people avoid the same that you have experienced. I find it absolutely horrible that they [currently] charge €15 000 for the MBA program. After Espen Solhaug’s lawyer wrote a response to European University there have been no other accusations from the European University. Since 2003 the European University is no longer approved by the “Norwegian- State-Educational-Fund” so there the school will no longer receive Norwegian students. ************* => Original article online at: http:// www. ***************************************** Recently, the European University was forced by the Swiss government to stop using the name “university”. As a result, this scam school currently goes by the name of “E U Business School”. AVOID THIS SCAM PLACE!

Found At: EU Business School – Phony-Balloney Diplomas

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