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To whom it may concern,

BOOKING RESERVATION [protected] Argentina

I rented a car from Europcar El Calafate, Argentina. I planned on driving over to Chile for a few days and returning to Argentina. But due to the pandemic break out, Argentina closed their borders and shortly after so did Chile. We had no option but to return the vehicle to the nearest Europcar in Chile, Punta Arenas. Europcar Chile said we should not worry as it is out of everybody’s control what is happening, and so it is.

We returned the car earlier than what we would have needed to and flew to Balamaceda, Chile where we rented another car from Europcar for more than a month. We had great service from Europcar Balmaceda with no issues. I have spent a lot of money on renting cars from Europcar and specifically decided to use Europcar due to being an international company. I would have considered smaller companies if I knew that Europcar had the same way of scamming their customers.

Upon my return to the UAE and being able to see my Credit Card Statement I saw a huge amount deducted from my credit card. I queried this with Europcar El Calafate and indeed it was them who deducted

US$1 665 from my Credit Card without authorisation.


Nobody can be held responsible for what a government decides to do in these situations. Airlines, Cruise Ships, Hotels all had to refund their customers. How can Europcar just decide on this eduction with no consideration for the situation?

I trust you will consider this situation unpresidented and refund the unauthorised deduction.

I will go to great lengths to make everybody aware of unfair dealings at Europcar if this is not resolved. I work in a big multi national company and will make it known on all our platforms to be aware when dealing with Europcar. All social media outlets will be used to maximise exposure to this as well.

Standing by for your reply.

Found At: Europcar International – Unauthorized charges

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