Evans Halshaw

The car was brought in due to no heating working and blowing out cold air regardless of temperature set. It was booked in in 25th march 2020. When I arrived I was told you could not get parts so to wait until after lock down. I booked and brought it in 7th august and collected it friday 11th august. I was told the heating had been tested and was working for the second time when the car has been booked into your centre, despite me requesting it could be charged it was never charged. I drove home (30 minutes) with heating on and it was still blowing cold air) I rang straight away and was told to test it over the weekend. It was till blowing cold air. I complained that it had not been tested and I was told to pay for a re gas to solve the problem, (which I did) I booked it in again 26.8.2020 and the service manager said he would try and get me a courtesy car (almost a week ago) I heard nothing about a courtesy car and no update on my car. I rang 3 weeks ago was kept on hold for 40 minutes then disconnected and then rang again to be told the manager was getting me another zoe and would call me back. Of course, as usual no return call. I have no idea what is happening, have no car and have no explanation of what is happening, when the car will be ready and no sign of a courtesy car. They have had my car now for 6 weeks with no calls or explanation. I rang last week and was told they were awaiting a new part and it would be ready last week. As usual having heard nothing I rang today 25.9.20 and a very rude member of staff said they were taking the battery out and the car had been booked in for next week (7weeks since they got it) he shouted at me that they never give courtesy cars due to covid and I pointed out his manager said he would try and get me one. This is utterly appalling. No one has even had the courtesy to ring me and explain what is happening. Disgraceful customer service and useless manager whom I asked to call me back once again did not bother.

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