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On December 1, 2020 I sent the following email:

Dear Customer Support,

Please see attached receipts.

There are too many glitches in the system, and it seems like in my Inventory I’m not always getting the items I have won or purchased. I have bought several small packages. I’d like to buy a bigger package, but I’m afraid it will just be a waste of my money if the items don’t show up in my Inventory.

What is the best package to buy for fastest growth? I am in great need of speedups, especially the longer 3-8-12-24 hours and 3-7+ days. I could also use better generals, like the top 4 gold generals in the Arabian culture. I get nothing worth my effort from my Tavern. Lots of Experience, Stamina, Gold, and anything else you can think of that would help me build a strong army and an impenetrable Keep would also be appreciated.

Finally, there are several other glitches. For example, I am now unable to click on a marching army and see who they are. I can’t even find my own while tracing. My tracing speed is not consistent – some times really fast, sometimes really slow – without me changing anything. My signal goes in and out – my Internet service is the strongest available, so that’s not the problem – in the middle of performing an action (for example, several times I’ve been charged for Research that didn’t take place, or stamina has been drained but my army didn’t move.) Plus there are many, many other problems with your system. I’ve heard several complaints about similar issues from other player-friends. Please look into that.

Thank you for your kind and prompt attention to all these matters.



I did not receive an appropriate answer, this on December 3, 2020 I wrote again:

Dear Justin,

To what are you referring? This is not the answer to my questions, which Jestoni never answered either, and it does not resolve the issues.

As a matter of fact, I regularly clear ALL of my apps caches; and I’ve already uninstalled and reinstalled Evony in the past, when your system crashed and kicked me out for 4 hours! Doing all that did NOTHING to resolve the ongoing glitches and problems!

So here’s the situation, as plain as I can make it for you:

OPTION 1: I uninstall this game and you refund me ALL the money I’ve already poured into it without getting what was promised.

OPTION 2: You help me find the best package for my rapid growth, with all the necessary items, credit my account with what I did NOT receive before (reprogram the account, twitch the system – whatever it takes!) and make it worth my time, energy and finances to continue playing it!

Please stop beating around the bushes and giving me run-around answers.

I have tried to be very clear, polite, considerate, and professional towards you every time I communicate.

I expect a CLEAR and satisfactory answer from you within 24 hours.



I still have not received an answer. I have been trying to resolve these issues amicably for over one month. I’m done being patient.

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