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I took the services from Worldwide Transcripts for getting Transcripts from BPUT. I am extremely dissatisfied by their service and felt the need to share my experience about the firm so that others can take an informed decision.

I had applied for the BPUT transcripts on 15th of September through worldwide transcripts. I made the payment upfront as suggested by the sales team and shared the details by 16th of September.

Getting the transcripts from BPUT is a two-step process where in Step 1 the respective form needs to be signed by the respective college and then that application needs to be submitted to BPUT where the transcripts are issued.

Based on the discussion with the sales team, I was given a TAT of 40 Days to get the transcripts from BPUT. However, after almost 1.5 months, still there was no progress on Step 1 i.e. my form was yet to be signed by the respective college and to be submitted to BPUT. Post which I had to intervene and escalate the issue. They gave all kinds of excuses for the delay in the process ranging from Dusshera leave, Diwali Leave, University is delaying and even the person sent to the university to pick up my transcripts met with an accident.

After regularly following up with them I was informed that the university had electronically sent the transcripts to the respective organization on 7th of December(after almost 3 months).

The following were the discussion points with the sales team which led me to the decision of choosing your service and which were not met.

• One of the claims which was made by the sales team was that the Transcripts will be sent electronically to the accessing body and I will be getting a copy as well. However, after 3 months into the process, I was communicated that I will not be getting any copy of my transcript as the University does not provide any hard copy of the transcripts. So in short after waiting for 3 months, I have no clue on whether a genuine and correct transcript have been sent to the assessing body or not as I was not given any hard or soft copy to verify.

• A maximum TAT of 40 days to get my transcripts which include both the steps. However, as I mentioned earlier, even after 1.5 months there was no progress on Step 1 i.e. my from is yet to be signed by the respective college and has to be submitted to BPUT, post which I had to intervene. On speaking to the Operation teams, I was told 40 Day’s time is not, literally 40 days, suggesting that the information provided by the sales team was false and was only to generate a sale. The entire process took about 3 months so good luck with your application if you choose their services.

• I was told that regular updates will be provided on my status, which is not the case now. NO Update on the progress of the case has been provided to me proactively, I always have to manually follow up from time to time. Also they stopped picking my call, I had to call them from a different number.

• Information about the Plans i.e., Basic/Premium/Super Premium and the respective supports i.e., Dedicated Case. Manager/Escalation Support/Digital Depository etc. was only communicated after the payment was made. Otherwise, it was made to believe that these things were included in the service which again suggests that the information provided upfront by the sales team was on a need-to-know basis and was only to generate a sale.

I will not at all recommend their service. It will be better if you consider other vendors or in worst case go to the university yourself, it will be better, quicker and more reliable way to get the job done.

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