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While the employees have always treated me with courtesy and patience, the product itself is a huge disappointment. I had serious illnesses in October and November of 2016 requiring several hospital stays. I experienced balance issues resulting in many falls the last of which broke my glasses. These frames had endured replacement of the lenses several times and held up quite well. However the frames I have now are a huge joke, not of the humorous nature, but frustrating. To begin the vision test was carried out by a young man who laughingly told me he would be graduating from high school in the spring. How is someone without a degree qualified to test my vision. Especially since I told them my Rheumatologist wanted exams every six months due to the serious nature of new meds she had me taking. I have to use the bifocal part of my glasses to read anything on my desktop computer. Or hold the monitor to my face. I can’t read text on the television screen. And I have been plagued by double or blurred vision. But even worse, after hardly wearing the glasses, they are no longer secure on my face. In other words, when looking down, they fall off my face. I bought two pairs in January and have already had one frame replaced and cannot wear the others because they too fell off and a lens popped out and an earpiece broke off. If the eye mart express store was directly out my front door it would still be an inconvenience but they are some distance away. I cannot sweep without losing the glasses in the trash I am trying to collect or fishing them out of the litter box I am trying to clean. In the time I have had 2 pairs of crappy glasses, my Mother has had one pair that still fit her as securely as the day she bought them. I have a sleep disorder so I do not fall asleep wearing them. My previous glasses, that only became loose when I fell on them, were wire framed and had been worn by me for 10 years. I have a pair of “cheater ” glasses purchased at Wal-Mart that still fit securely as the day I brought them home. But not the prescription glasses.I am now wearing, or attempting to do so, plastic frames and hate them. I can’t make the bed without having to pick up the glasses from the floor. I am unable to look down without losing these horrible glasses. I cannot imagine circumstances that would send me to eyemart Express or the affiliated office for the vision testing again. Again, they are courteous and helpful, but when a person’s vision is threatened by side effects of medication and funds are limited I would prefer someone licensed to be doing actual testing not just analyzing the results. I had to help them pronounce the word “astigmatic”. Is it asking too much to expect the glasses to stay in place? It has never been an issue in the past when I have bought glasses elsewhere. I am learning to appreciate the warranty and expect to have to replace the other pair soon as well as a second replacement for the ones I am wearing now, or at least trying to wear.

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