Family Dollar

I worked at this co. for three yrs. I was asst. manager for almost two.
I worked very hard and did everything I was supposed to do and went the xtra 100 miles plus. I loved my job, until I got totally screwed by my store manager. When your on duty you are expected to take deposit to the bank put in drop box and go back after bank opens to get any change you may need for the day in order to run the store. On several occasions I did that, being in was part of my job. On one particular day
my son of age took me to work as he has in the past took me to the bank,
I dropped the deposit, came back to work and thought I would send the cashier when she came in to the bank for change as we usually had to do, being we could not leave the jobsite under any circumstances when open for business. Well, a cashier that my store manager hired a few weeks earlier owned no car, she walks to work, she was scheduled to be my cashier that particular morning, after I looked on schedule and relizied she was coming in, I thought well, my son will have to go get change for me as he has in the past for me as well as my store manager.
See, she too, got dropped off several times as well and we open an hour early before the cashier comes in. Store mgr closed nite before and I counted petty cash and it was short. I spoke to her on phone about it, told her had noone to go get change I needed so I would send my son, she said OK! SHE APPROVED IT! Nothing every said about petty cash being short, son going to bank NOTHING. 10 YES 10 days later after incident she called me in office and terminated me! Discharge papers said being terminated for not following company policy, by sending a NONEMPLOYEE of Family Dollar to bank for petty cash! Now keep in mind, she allowed this on several occassions with her family members and mine, Hell, she even ask my own father to go one day out of her own MOUTH! I said to her, YOU GOT TO BE JOKING! POLICY… WHAT POLICY! ONLY WHEN ITS CONVIENT FOR YOU. SHE CAN GO STRAIGHT TO HELL, CARMA IS A ###!
Now I’m having to fight for my unemployment. I had 80 hours vacation that I was on calender to take the following week and now the SOB’S won’t pay me for. I EARNED THOSE HOURS, THEY didn’t give them to me. DO NOT APPLY AT STORE 5347. You will, TRUST ME get

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