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Rep. Backer apparently owns Family Go Carts. This post is to show you how shady your representative is:

So we bought my son a 150cc scooter. When wife first contacted this POS company the sales lady told her that there would be MINOR assembly necessary. The sales lady also told her that we would get a $50 rebate that would be subtracted from the bill. Best we can tell they ADDED $56 to our total.

Now. It shipped in a metal cage. The first thing we noticed was that the rear spring was not bolted in place. The bolt was through the eyelet, but the spring was resting on the rear fender, instead of being bolted to the frame. Other parts that required assembly was the front tire, front fender, headlight, handlebars, the mirrors, the battery had to be charged, and the rear luggage rack. THERE WERE NO ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS, the video they sent us was for a completely different model with different parts, was compiled by a “fan”, and the only other video on YouTube was a 1:30 video done by a guy in Pakistan that did not go over all the parts. Niether of which discussed the wiring issues that we found, fender installation nor the luggage rack.

So to fix to the rear spring, we ended up having to put it in the back of my truck, use a tow strap to strap the rear tire down and me lift as my cousin pushed the rear frame up while amber moved the spring into place and secured the bolt.

We got everything else assembled, after realizing that you have to drop the license plate bracket to put the luggage rack on, put gas in it and cranked it up. Well guess what. The oil plug has a hole in it so it started spraying oil everywhere. Oh. And the rear cowl… doesnt fit over the seat like it’s supposed to. We still have not had resolution in regards to the wiring, nor a commitment to send us an oil drain plug replacement.

We followed the companies guidelines for tech support. We texted pictured as well as emailing them. I just tried calling them. They’ve been open for about 4 hours at this point. When I called them i was not allowed to talk to tech support. I was told they would have to call me back. Last night I received an email telling me that they would not discuss the issue with me, and to have amber email them. As of 11:42am on June 4th we still don’t have a resolution to our issues.

As we can’t crank it till the new oil drian plug comes in and i change the oil, we won’t know if there are further issues that the company will undoubtedly not fix.

This purchase has been a nightmare. If I could return it easily, I would have already.

Do yourself a favor. Avoid this company. Buy a grom or the Kawasaki zx125

For transparency, I have emailed them this link in order to see if they can justify themselves publicly.

Edit Wednesday June 5th: they have credited Amber’s account for the rebate. Despite them requesting amber email them the pictures in order to cut me out of the loop, they still have not answered her emails and it looks like they are breaking all contact.

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