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Today I walked in to the store 15 min before closing I quickly picked out a pair of shoes and I stood in line to check out. In front of me there was a family asking information about a pair of shoes that where not in stock at the store. When the family walked away from the registere I placed my shoes at the register where the cashier Jacky began to ring up my purchase but as she was doing so the family that was originally in front of me came back to ask the cashier Jacky a couple questions. They then asked Jacky if she could help them with there online order soon as she finishes ringing up my purchase. Well Jacky ignored the fact that I was first and she stopped my transaction to and began the families online order. When I asked Jacky if she could please just finish ringing me up she did not even look at me and simply said they were here first. I responded to her that I was next sence the family stepped out of line to talk about there order. Jacky ignores me and continued to finish there order. I felt discriminated against. How is it possible that I’m standing in line patiently and the cashier chose to stop my transaction to help an other customer who clearly was not next in line. This has been the worst customer service I have ever received.

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