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I walked into fantastic sams(the one near Walmart in Scottsdale), usually I get greeted with a smile however this time there was a heavy set blond probably in her 40s wearing a polyester tight fitting shirt, she was standing at the front next to a younger female behind the register, the blond looked at my son(whom has autism and sensory processing disorder, whom also had some pretty crazy curly hair) whispered to her coworker and shot a discriminating sneer at us, she then left the counter, and shortly after her coworker did to, she stated she had to clean her station. When she returned she then confronted me about my handicapped sons hair, to be honest it is a fight on a daily basis to get him to let me even near his hair, since sensory processing disorder causes normal nerve impulses to feel innumerably worse than a neurotypicals nerve impulses. I figured, I could go to the salon, and I might get help from a hairdresser, possibly to make getting a haircut a positive experience in hopes to make my sons hair a bit more manageable, but what I got was a condescending, lazy, and negative woman. This woman approached us and loudly stated I don’t even know what I could do with that, she went on with a rude tone did you even brush it today?! she stormed off, and said outing her hands up in the air, she couldn’t even brush it, and it would take 45 minutes, as messy as it looked, it really doesn’t take that long to brush, I explained that it was as simple as conditioning the hair, it typically takes me a few minutes to brush when it is wet. She goes and grabs a brush for me to try and brush his hair dry, while still in the waiting area. anyone who knows anything about curly hair, knows you never brush it dry, she obviously didn’t know that much. Trying to get snarls out of hair when it is dry causes breakage and makes it much more painful. I explained this to the lazy woman and told her that I would just go else where because she had a terrible attitude from the second I walked in and asked for her name so I could talk to her manager, however she refused. She is unfortunately uneducated and has a strong bias agains special needs children. This lady made my whole hair situation with my child even worse! I’m dismayed by fantastic sams now! What a horrible experience! Please educate your staff fantastic sams

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