Farmers Home Furniture

this company does not play fare with there coustomers they have jacked the prices just to get money for themself or i shouldsay themanagers do and the company does not ever know because the paper work is done at the final end of the contract to appear on the up an up . this has been done several times and the managers has been caught an nothing is done they just get moved to another store an get a slap on the wrist. the manager at this store altered one of my checks and is still working there an the district did nothing about it nor did the company. they said be3cause they could not prove it was with intent to pocket never theless it should not have happened . no ones check should be altered if something is wrong they should call the coustomer and ask for them to come in an make changes . so i think someone or somebody shouldhold them accountable for there actions all involved . they don’t stand behind there furniture if there is a problem they get rude and never sometimes do anything the coustmer is just stuck an this is not right. i just hope there is justice out there for all of us that work hard for our money.

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