Atty. Jensen A. Sanhi fake attorney - Atty. Jensen A.Sanhi estafa case

Nikki Swanson the director of Feeding and Helping Georgians is not helping georgians with her abusive language and threats. She is the most evil woman Ive ever met. She yells at the homeless, calling them names. Stupid, Dummy, Snakes, etc. Threatening them with removal from her property. Her foul mouth has no filter. What ever comes up, comes out. She has been in several physical altercation with one female and one male at the location. Homeless people nor people who are in need should not have to be treated like dogs to receive some expired out of date food. I have an appointment with the Mayor, keshia Lance Bottoms too address my concerns.

Found At: Feeding and Helping Georgians – food bank distributes abuse and degradation

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