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I scheduled an appointment to have a front head light replaced along with a sound that I am hearing in front. I spoke to Mike when I made the appt. We joked about the sound and me not knowing what it was. I advised I had the extended warranty and that I have a 100 deductible. Appt was for 5.6.21 @ 8:0am. Finally at 3 pm I called. Cory? not sure if that was his name answered and advised the light was in but they hadn’t figured out what the noise was. I asked was anyone going to call me. He replied yes. I missed a 4:30pn call from Mike and returned the call at 4:37. He stated that they think my tires are cupped and that that is the sound. I asked so you want me to buy new tires, and if that isn’t it then what? He stated thats what they think it is. He then told me that the light was going to be 235. I advised no, I have 100 deductible. He put me on hold came back several minutes later to tell me it’s not covered under it. I advised when last light was replaced by Friendly it was covered, couldnt he just call them. He advised me no he isn’t going to call Friendly Dodge for me. I then said well take the light out. I’ll take it there. He said fine you have to pay for 2 hours of diagnostic. I said for what? I said my appt was at 8am, I never heard from anyone there. He said I called you and you are returning my call. I said no Mike, I called at 3 Cory answered and said the light was in. I said furthermore, if my appointment was in the morning. you are supposed to call before you do any work. I never heard from anyone I will not pay that. He said its 150per hr and that it was on for 2 hrs. I said I will be in tomorrow to pick it up.
I called 5.7.21 at 9am. I was told the manager was out that I had to speak to Zack who is F&I but filling in for mngr. I told Zack all of the above, he then told me that Mike should have called Friendly for me. I said I know you are different dealerships but you are all in the Dodge family. He agreed, said if I talked to Larry Jamison he was sure it would be resolved. I then spoke to Larry explained all again. He then had me talk to Brett Smith. I then explained all of this to him. He took my number and said someone would get back to me.
Another gentleman called and said that it is my right not to have them do the work there, but that I would have to pay the diagnostic. He said he thinks it was all miscommunication and that I only had to pay 150 instead of the 300 if I opted not to have them do the work. He told me that if I didn’t pay, then I was not getting my car. I said we will see about that. He said fine and hug up.
I called Friendly got the 800 number for my Platinum Wrap pkg that I purchased along with my policy number. I called back gave it to them. They installed the light which is not aligned properly and pointing out of direction for the road so now I have to take it to another dealership (Friendly Dodge). They had me pay the 100 deductible and miraculously, the 150 is now down to 60.00. When I spoke to the last gentleman and asked for proof that my car was being diagnosed that long, he stated that the light was taken out at 8:30am and then there is a break. He wasn’t sure why there was a break but they didn’t touch my car again until 2:30.
I am confused as to how they can charge me and then tell me its only my tires. My light is out of alignment and now I will have to pay again. My bill went from 2 hours of unproven work to one hour, to 60.00?
The way that I was spoken to and treated definitely has made me change my mind for purchasing another Dodge due to the fact that they are the closet dealer to me for service.
I work in a manufacturing plant and would never tolerate an employee of mine acting in such rude fashion to a customer they way that I was treated. I will begin an active search next week to purchase a new vehicle in another family. I regret doing this as I truly did love this car, but I will not be treated in this manner while trying to get repairs done.
This all stemmed from poor customer service. Had Mike simply called another dealership to get the same information, and not spoke to me the way that he had, I would be staying with Dodge. Now I have to pay another deductible to fix the light problem that this service department either did or didn’t do intentionally but I will never step foot in that establishment ever.
I hope that I get a response back, I would love to know how upper management feels about the treatment I received, and how they are losing customers over it.

Found At: Ferrario Dodge Chrysler Jeep Dealer – Service

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