Shangri-la nail spa sign at choa chu Kang Ave 4 - Dishornest claims on Nair removal

Well, to start off with, This is the worst treatment anyone can ever ask for. If you dont do sexual favors for this PA whom sits and argues from the others doctors reports on a patient who has so many other doctors from the great Charlotte and Winston area. You will get no where with this so-called PA? He does not know so much. If you have any disorders he still takes advantage of you. He judges others with Cancer and does not help at all unless you give him the attention he desires. (Sexually and very much ATTENTION) Its sad to say that everyone who has visited this doctor says the same thing, therefore Raleigh still has him practicing under Dr. Fink, whom he tells others to visit him instead of Fink when he is still learning. Telling others that they have an addiction if you do not give him sexual favors. I have interviewed so many patients to whom it may just blow your mind, Reports have been sent to Raleigh along with Video Taped evidence, and still he is there. This has a raised a concern in North Carolina over the allegations. Which if you had saw what was taped and of the patients doing for his satisfaction, it would blow your mind. Stop the Violence with this PA now and report to the local medical board as soon as possible. Stop the harassment and sexual attention this doctor wants to give you something while your dying. Video Tapes is in evidence and will be dealt with.

Found At: Ferrington Medical Center- Faith NC – Daniel Crowe – Daniel Crowe-PA Harrasement(SEX)

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