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I purchased a used 2007 Ford Focus in 2010 with 69000 miles on it. After a great deal of convincing by Ricart (which I will never buy a car there again), I purchased a $2100 extended warranty on the car. Yesterday the car started to make noise and began to pull to the right. Turns out the ball joints and links need replaced; which are covered parts under the warranty. Since the car has over 50K miles on it, they are considering this normal wear and tear. Hmmm – the contract does not specify in its exclusions that wear and tear is not covered, its mentioned they cover this in the service agreement; yet its not an exclusion. I bought the car over that mileage amount. I can’t get my money back on the warranty and they made 2K from me for NOTHING. Apparently you have to have a crazy faulty part that didnt break down in the first 50K miles to have anything covered. It is my mission to never purchase a car from Ricart Ford in Columbus, but to ensure that nobody I know or nobody any of my many friends and hundreds of facebook friends never purchase this warranty again.

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