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On the same day, I received two mail items from Fifth Third Bank. The first is a letter stating that they are reducing my credit line. The reasons given are 1) Time since most recent account opening is too short (I don’t even know what that means!) 2) Lenth of revolving accounts have been established (again, makes no sense. My account was open too long or not long enough?) 3) number of established accounts (I have one account with them, which is a credit card I never even use.) 4) Current deposit balances (I have no balances with them, because I don’t use their bank!) Ok, who cares. So, they lowered my credit line on a card I don’t use. The second piece of mail is a statement for $39. It says I didn’t pay $19 previous balance, so they are adding a $20 late fee. Not only have I NOT used that credit card for many, many months, so their is NO way I had a $19 balance, but I DID NOT RECIEVE A BILL LAST MONTH WITH THAT $19 MYSTERY CHARGE ON IT! Basically, they are reducing my credit line and trying to screw me out of $39 for nothing to boot. I will be calling tomorrow to discuss this, since their “customer service” line is not available now. I don’t expect a resonable explanation or resolution. In fact, I remember that I quit using the card, because their online payment system was a joke. They would NOT allow payments to be made from any bank account other than with THEIR bank! I talked to them about how unreasonable that is and how ALL other credit cards allow online payments from ANY bank. I was told “They may allow that in the future.” So, basically, I quit using the card, because the company sucks. Months later, they are proving AGAIN to me now much they suck!

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