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I have been a bank customer for many years, having both personal and business accounts. I have a business account for a company I own, J-Link Inc. account [protected]. I had a business transaction I thought was legitimate but it turned out not to be so. I was engaged to purchase bitcoin from a terminal device by a company Canadian Trading. They issued money to my 53 credit card for over $2000. I moved the money from the credit card to my business bank account, then waited until I was told by the bank the funds were clear and available. I withdrew the funds in cash. I purchased the bitcoin from the terminal Canadian Trading stipulated with a wallet of theirs, not mine. I thought the whole process was fishy so I terminated the relationship and did not do any other transactions. Later, I was contacted by Kathleen Taylor saying the transaction was fraudulent and would I help her track down the people behind it. I gave her all the information I had including names, phone numbers, email, etc. A couple of weeks later I received an email from Kathleen saying “I need to bring to your attention that a check was sent back to Bank of America, for the balance that was in your checking account. Your account now has a zero balance. I would like to inquire if you would like that account to remain open of if you wish for it to be closed?”

I called Kathleen and said I did not authorize any funds to be removed from the account and I was defrauded and out the $322.17 she transferred and sent to Bank of America. She was defiant and rude and just essentially said too bad. I asked to talk with her supervisor Angela Fry. She called me and was just as rude and uncaring saying if I didn’t like it “this call could just end”. I got nowhere. Now I’m out $322.

My position is I thought the transaction was a legitimate business transaction. I waited 10 days to make sure the funds were safe to withdraw. I called the bank to ensure the funds could be withdrawn. I was defrauded. After being a customer for over 20 years, I no longer want a relationship with fifth third and I want my money back. Both women I spoke with were rude, uncaring and belligerent and should be reprimanded and/or fired.

William Janowich 508 Mariner Village, Huron, Oh [protected]

Found At: Fifth Third Bank / – Seized funds from my checking account

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