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I have been sending numerous e-mails to [protected] to have them send my statements, I do not receive them on a monthly basis at all and got no feed back, this is how we get robbed with our accounts i am really sick and tired of this now, why is it so hard for you to send my statement. I will be taking this further.

Do you guys always do this to your paying customers, this is pathetic i have also laid a complaint to one of the agents regarding the laptop i took, i was told that the loan and laptop will be for (24 months) but when i finally saw my statement after months and saw that the laptop was for 36 months i flipped which was not sent to me earlier then i would of sent it back but they told me it was to late, i told them to pull call recordings of the conversation which i got no feedback as well, i want that sorted out as well.

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