Finrite Administrators

I was informed that my phone can not be repaired and it will be replaced once I have paid the access of R1200 on the 12 June 2020 and on the 19th I followed up with them and was told they need 5-7working days for delivery and I will receive the phone by Tuesday, since they have not called me to tell me the phone is unavailable.

On yesterday on Thursday I called them again I was now told they are awaiting approval from some department which was never discussed with me before.

I requested to speak to the Manager in my frustarations howebver I was told she handles walk in clients in this Covid Era and they can not give me her number only her email which she never responded to. I was told she will call me back before close of business which still did not happen.

I am fed up with Telkom and Finrite as now I am in limbo whilst paying for insurance and a contract for a phone I do not have and no one is willing to help me.

The managers behaviuor/processes is appauling to say the least.

I want my phone.

Found At: Finrite Administrators – Finrite insurance

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