First Abu Dhabi Bank [FAB]

On 28 Oct 2019 I was a victim of credit card fraud. I phoned the FAB call center and completed and emailed a dispute form to atyourservice. The service from the fraud department (Tawreeq was my contact person) was unprofessional and communication and support non existent. At first the form was not completed correctly and my case was closed without informing me. They sent me 2 SMS’s to inform me that they tried to call me, but I had no missed call on my phone history. I called the call center numerous times to ask the fraud department to contact me, but they never responded. Eventually after I asked the call center consultant to ask the manager to contact me. I received a phone call from Tawreeq. He informed me to fill in another dispute form, with the correct amount. I submitted another dispute form just to be informed after a while that my claim was rejected and he accused me that it is because I have lost my card and I must try to get the money back myself. I have not lost my credit card as I still have it in my possession today. I have a platinum card and I was assured of purchase protection of at least 2000 USD per year. I have sent a complaint to atyourservice on 26 April 2020 and up till today I had no response!
I have been a FAB client for many years and feel very disappointed with this treatment . I also feel very unsafe to use my credit card online because I have no protection from my bank. Therefore I want to lodge this complaint to have my case reviewed please. My case numbers were SR13127223 and SR12626216. Please find attached screenshots of my credit card statement of fraudulent transaction, dispute form and letter of complaint I sent to Atyourservice on 26 April.

Please advise if you need more information.

Rasheda Heij
Mobile: [protected]
Email: [protected]

Found At: First Abu Dhabi Bank [FAB] – Credit card fraud SR13127223 and SR12626216

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