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Hello, my name is Annika FIscher.
I have been “working” with DOR for almost 13 years now in regards to my childrens father. They dont do mych of anything we go to court for contempt at lest every 4 months. I am a single mother I work a full time job and going to court every 4 months makes it hard for me to make a living to support my kids. Mr.Robbins has has not seen my son in 10 plus years and DOR slaps him on the wrist gives him an X amount of time to pay X amount he will pay that amount the not pay anything else and they cycle starts all over again. I need to know if there is anynoe that can help me get some results with this matter. Inclosed is a copy of how many times we have actually been to court. I need help with getting results. Thank you, Annika Fischer

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