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On Wednesday, January 5 I called the toll-free number about ten times, but could never get through. I kept getting a automated message that all representatives are busy, and to try back later. So, on Thursday, January 6 I again called the toll-free number another nine to ten times. Eventually I gave up, because I had to go to work; so, I had to call back the next day. On Friday, January 7 I called about ten or more times, and finally got a message to leave my telephone number for a call back. Well, since I didn’t get a call back, I tried calling again. Sadly, as soon as I entered my social security number, I heard a message asking if I wanted to cancel my call back or keep it.

So, since I couldn’t get anywhere with the toll-free number, I wrote a letter to my case worker in hopes he or she would complete my recertification. Unfortunately, nothing still has been done. I am getting VERY agitated and depressed, because my mom allows me to live with her, since I am unable to make enough money to be out on my own. I have a learning disability where it takes me a little longer to process than most other people. Due to this disability, it is hard for me to perform some job duties. I wish I could find a full-time job where I would be able to perform. Then I wouldn’t have to rely on SNAP.

I have e mailed Shevaun Harris; however, the e mail came back “undeliverable”. So, I then emailed Governor DeSantis & Danielle Hendry, with no response or assistance from anyone. I don’t know what else to do.

In my opinion, they are either helping illegal immigrants instead of the legal Florida residents; or, there are illegals applying which may be causing a back up of applications. Regardless, of the reason, this is UNACCEPTABLE. This just starting happening last year. I already lost my benefits in January, and if the recertification isn’t completed soon, I will lose my February benefits as well.

I made copies of all the pages of my benefits page as proof of my uploads, and the messages from the DFCS such as where it shows no verifications or interviews needed, Food Assistance – Your case information indicates that you recently completed a Recertification Review and it is currently being processed. Also, when I click on my Food Assistance it shows this: SNAP VERIFICATION NEEDED. Even though I completed all steps requires.

I’m not sure if Shevaun Harris is the head of the DCFS; however, if she is, I’m not sure why there is no way of contacting her about what is going on at the SNAP office. There are numerous individuals who have written complaints on the Florida Department of Children and Families. So, I am not the only one that is having issues with them In addition, I have looked Ms. Harris up on Google search in hopes to find her e mail or telephone number, but there is no listing for her. I did she an uploaded video she made and posted on their Facebook wall. Wish she would get this mess straightened out. More than likely, if Governor DeSantis was aware of what was going on he wouldn’t be too happy.

Hope they can finally get my recertification complete; since it’s been almost 2 months since I completed all needed information.

Found At: Florida Department of Revenue – Snap benefits recertification never processed

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