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I am having a huge issue with my Miami children’s plan paying a bill for services that my daughter received while insured through Miami children’s plan. I been told for over a year that my daughter Date of birth is Incorrect in the state system (Medicaid portal) After several calls and many representative later Florida kidcare fixed the DOB on their end however Miami children’s is still denying a claim. Medicaid response has been that they can not change the DOB. Please help me this has been count less phone calls to Medicaid, Miami children, medi kids and Florida kid care all of which have not been able to change my daughter dob in the state system which is why Miami childrerns is claiming their reason for not paying but yet they took my money every month. Medi kids fixed her date of birth on their end but for what ever reason Miami children’s claims that unless it’s fixed on the Medicaid portal they can’t pay the claim. This is fraud on all parts because I paid my monthly premium of 187 every month. I finally changed insurance 1/1/2021 because private insurance through my husband job became available and I no longer wanted to deal with this and now I get a bill from my doctor so I have no choice but to deal with it again. Yesterday on March 25, I was advised by Florida kid care representative by the name of sandy to mail the bill directly to Florida kid care so I did either way this is so horrible I spent over 20 hours trying fix the issue during the duration of my daughter coverage and still a problem since a bill is being denied.

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