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My name is Jerrell Crawley #221 – Order selector for Petersburg Va location
I was harrassed on my job by a Manager (Nick Bitner) who in February told me that I was terminated from my job and told me to leave the property that I would be receiving termination papers. I called Corporate office which informed me that I was still employed and to return to work. The next 3 month was hell as Mr. Bitner went out his way to make everyday miserable for me. I pulled my 100% everyday but it did not matter, he was out to get me.

On May 15th, I Jerrell Crawley (4975) arrived at work on time and was instructed to pull a jack and began working. The jack was inoperable and I informed my manager – Nick Bitner that I could not use the jack. He did not believe the jack was inoperable and we both went to inspect. During our inspection, Nick Bitner acknowledged the inoperable jack and stated we could stand at the red wall waiting on a new jack. Once Mr. Bitner realized a jack was not coming, He then asked me to follow him to the front office, I chuckled and asked why. He grinned and stated he had something to show me. When we arrived at the office, there were 2 write up for attendance. Mr. Bitner and I had a discussion as I had not been late for the last 2 months. From this point, Mr. Bitner informed me that if I did not sign the 2 write ups, I would not be eligible for the open door policy.

I applied for Unemployment and was denied on 6/8/18 due to someone in the company stating that I was fired due to insubordination. I spoke with Jocelyn in the corporate office on 6/14/18 at which time I was informed that I was still employed in the system until 6/13/18. I have appeal the unemployment decision due this phone call. I received a call from Alicia Bassett and I am awaiting a resolution. I have picture documentation of the plug in my hair from this stress. I have also spoken with a representative with the EEOC.

To make matters worse, They have no paid me my last paycheck. It has been in imagination world since may. I spoke with Payroll in the corporate office today and was informed that I will need to wait an additional 2 week (8/1/18) for my final check. This is the most ludicrous statement I have even heard. I have contacted an attorney to help resolve this matter as I think 2 months is ample time to resolve this issue. You can reach me at [protected]

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