2018 Ford Shelby F150 Supercharged. At 18, 000 miles in 2020 the check engine light came on. My truck was 2 years old at the time so well within the warranty timeframe. I took it to the first dealership and they outright refused to work on it. So, I called Shelby and they gave me the location of a Shelby authorized dealer. it was an hour away, but it was the closest Ford service department that would work on it. That led to 4 more trips and a year later and the light was still coming on. So, I took it to them this last time and they kept it for over 4 months. They told me they would have a loaner but then when I got there, they said sorry we don’t have one. So, I was an hour away from home and had no loaner. So, I had to call home to get someone to come get me. I then went 4 months without a vehicle while they worked on it. After 4 months, they said, we don’t know what’s wrong with it. What? I asked what they were going to do about it? I don’t know. So, I called Ford to have a warranty claim done on the vehicle for them to buy it back. They refused even though it met every requirement. We resubmitted and they refused again. I think they knew what was wrong and that it was going to cost more money than a law suit. I had to go get my truck and trade it, taking a loss. I will never again buy from Ford. They do not back their vehicles. They do not cover their warranties either. They just think of their customers as a number and just bank on you not suing them. Or, weigh out the costs and make a business decision regardless of how it affects their customers. Buyer Beware!

Found At: Ford – Check engine light and refusing to back warranty

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