First of all, I want to introduced myself. I am a policeman in Turkey, city of Hatay and I am a superintendent at Hatay Police Vocational High School. Approximately two months ago, I decided to buy a new car and I look at the different brand and different automobile and consequently I decided to buy a New Ford Fiesta Titanium 1.4i Duratec Petrol, engine number:8Y00038 and identification number:WFOJXXGAJJ8Y00038, color of my car is grey, on 1th December in 2008 in Turkey İn Hatay OVALI FORD Vehicle Company ( 2009 model)..I paid 29.800 Türkish Lira( 17678 American Dolar) for my car.I have got a lot of advantages with New Ford Fiesta, for example exterior and interior styling, easy fuel capless refuelling system with mis-fuel inhibit, rain-sensing wipers, auto headlight. trip computer, Electronic Automatic Temperature Control, cruise control etc.Finally I have got a lot of reason to buy New Ford Fiesta because New Ford Fiesta is car of the year 2009. When I bought this car two months later, I began to encounter some problem especially paint problem.On my car under the right and left back door has some paint problem but these aren’t scrape and scratch problem, some paint began to shedding or spilthing, if you see the picture of my car you will understand me easily and I will send you some photo of my car. I know paint warranty; Ford Paint Surface Warranty protects our vehicle’s paint from corrosion and defective work. This doesn’t cover scratches and scrapes caused by the driver.Absolately I agree with you.But my problem is different and mixed problem. In January I released this problem.I went to Turkey/Hatay Ovalı ford Vehicle company.When The representative of paint department look at my car and They said to me we could mend this problem as painting this side.I painted under left back door side after one month later same problem began to appear both under left and right back door again. I went to Turkey/HATAY Ovalı Ford Vehicle company again .When The represetative of the paint department saw me again, they were suprised. At this time I dont want to paint my car again. When I painted my car again .my car value will decrease.Now same paint problem go on.I want to change my car with different new fiesta and different color or if it isn’t possiple changing my, I want to get back money But Ford Turkey/Hatay Ovalı Vehicle company don’t accept my offer. I insist that my car has PAİNT PRODUCTİON FAULT(FLAW) İf you examine New Ford fiesta you will understand me and you will solve the paint problem.According to me All New Ford Fiesta have same paint problem but will appear in time.Unfortunately I think All New Ford Fiesta have got PRODUCTION FAULT(FLAW) about the paint problem.İf you are interested in my problem, I am very pleased .I am trust on Ford Company.As you said to internet website ‘’ While value for money has always been a top priority in developing Ford vehicles, that concern has never compromised quality or the pursuit of quality solutions. Ford has always strived to meet consumers’ real-life requirements—from smaller cars for Europeans to “smarter” cars for the ever-changing environment. I know that you pay attention customer satisfaction and you will help me and will solve my paint problem.

Adres:Hatay Polis Meslek Yüksek Okulu

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