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Brian Greene of Foreign Car Connection to put it simply is a crook. He is involved in several lawsuits due in no small part to the fact Brian Greene of Alpharetta Georgia is a literal thief. All of his assets are in his father, wife and his children’s names to protect him from the lawsuits that he draws against him. It seemed that his misdeeds were simply dishonest dealings that pushed the envelope of shady used car dealings until recently when I discovered that he has now included his children in his scams. He has formed a Charity front called Team Tiger (teamtiger2010.com) to defraud would be donations from good people who wish to help in the fight against childhood obesity. This organization is nothing but a facility to funnel money to Brian Greene’s faltering business and glutenous lifestyle. Having worked for Brian Greene’s company for just a short time, I quit after I learned of not only his deceit against customers and business piers, but also against those who donated to his false charity where only 5% of any money received actually went to charity, the remainder was put in his personal account and in accounts belonging to his father, his son Tiger Greene, and his wife Marsha L. Greene. Beware of dealing with Brian Greene of Foreign Car Connection of Alpharetta Georgia.

Although it may change after this is posted, below is Brian Greene’s contact information including his phone and Facebook profiles for those involved with the scam.

Brian Greene [protected]

Marsha L. Greene

Tiger Greene

Brian Greene of Roswell and Alpharetta Georgia

Found At: Foreign Car Connection – SCAM – Brian Greene

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