Shangri-la nail spa sign at choa chu Kang Ave 4 - Dishornest claims on Nair removal

Received our card in the mail stating that there had been a settlement reached in the Class action suit. Well it now seems that we have been duped for a second time.We went and booked a three day trip to Branson, MO. and that turned out to be another scam. They informed me that for another $72.00 they could upgrade us to a much nicer room at another motel ( Inn)
So I sent them the money and our trip was booked into the “Branson Victorian Inn”, 3500 W 76 Country Blvd, Branson, MO. 65616
We arrived there on 11/30/2016 and left out on the 3rd of Dec. 2016. No inside locks on the inside doors, not the cleanest place, and certainly not the $140.00 anight that we were expecting. And just to confirm I called my son and asked him to call and see what the Inn was charging and they told him $46.00 per night so again as I said we feel like we have been duped again. Since then I have requested my $50.00 deposit back and they said I should have gotten it back by by the 5th of Jan 2016, here it is the 31st of Jan and still no check. The girl tried to tell me that that $50.00 was also part of the upgrade and I let her know that it wasn’t so she said it would be forth coming but it’s 3 weeks late already.

Found At: Forever Grand Vacations Settlement – Travel

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