I went to Foschini in Promenade, Mitchell’s Plain for a new card because I lost my card. A lady helped me and she said that she must phone head office and a consultant will ask me questions but I think the questions asked was irrelevant because she asked me about the issue date of my id book which I gave it to her but that is not my first id book. She then ask me if I have a landline number which I said no but we had one years ago and I can’t remember the number and then she asked me more questions but she never told me that I failed the test. The lady helping me by Foschini said I failed the test and I now need to bring proof of address with. I think the questions the lady asked by head office got nothing to do with my lost card or my personal details. I have this account for years and now I can’t even get a card for my own account

Found At: Foschini – lost my card and applied for a new card.

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