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I bought an armani exchange watch in January. It turned out to be defective in 2 weeks time after its first contact with water. I sent it to Fossil in order for it to be repaired. They sent me a replacement watch after more than 20 days. This replacement watch turned out to be defective as well, but no one had bothered to check it before it was sent to me. So I sent it for repair again. This time I was assured I would get a working watch. However, now it has been almost 40 days since this assurance and I still don’t have a watch (not even the defective one is with me). All I have is a collection of e-mails from a certain Rachel which are absolutely inconsistent with each other and a receipt dor the 135 GBP I have paid for that.

Today I got a letter offering me to choose from alternative watches. However this letter had like 10 watches in the price range I have been offerred and none of them amounted even remotely to my original watch.

What struck me is that the letter said that ‘they didn’t have the parts to repair my watch’ while in their previous e-mail they assured me that if I wanted to I could get a BRAND NEW ax1139. So they took my money in January and I have been made a fool of for over 60 days now.

All I wanted was a working watch but all I got was lies and delays. If I wanted a refund, from what I understood, it is going to be easier and faster if I went in the street and begged for my 135 GBP. I do want someone to do something about that and I want to have the watch I HAVE PAID FOR OVER 2 MONTHS AGO as the company did not wait for 2 months before they took my money, did they ?

Found At: Fossil Group – I would like to complain about fossil’s awful customer service

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