My name sameer alabsi from yemen.
Freelotto… As you see in photo… I played and won in mega million game… I sent many emails to [protected] and [protected] to claim my prize but I don’t receive any reply or respond from… Why?
I want my prize quickly, please… This is urgent alert to claim my prize.
Name : Sameer AlAbsi
Adress :Haddah St., Sana’a, Yemen
Date of brith : April 13 1982
Mobile NO:[protected]
ID : [protected] becuse airport sana’a is closed since 3 years… I can’t receive any letter from external mail by mail address… but I can receive it by DHL…

So Freelotto must send it by DHL and you must record my phone with addaition to my address as my profile on envelope.
they will call me and I will go to receive your mail then I will receive a letter by mail from PlasmaNet, Inc., I will fill in the information needed, have the affidavit notarized, and mail it back to Freelotto by DHL.
Please call me or send email after Freelotto send letter mail… so I follow it with DHL office

Found At: FreeLotto – I played and won

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