I have had around10 service calls on Lowes extended warranty on this units ice maker. They have replaced 2 water valves, water supply to ice maker, ice maker itself, put insulation blanket on back of unit and new insulation kit three times now. Over a period of two months at a time, Since May of 2016. This unit constantly freezes up and quits making ice. I purchased this unit, on the advise of the Lowes salesman, (saying it would produce more ice than we could use). It does that when it works, but doesn’t work half of the time. I believe it is a design problem, due to the fact it isn’t properly insulated to have an ice maker in the inside compartment of the refrigerator.
This to me, presents a safety issue due to amount of ice build up at times, potentially causing me harm, due to the exposure to electrical shock due to defrosting so many times.
My suggestion is to buy back this unit, so I may purchase a better working unit.
I want this to be addressed, and understand your position, but there doesn’t seem to be any resolution to this problem on this unit, other than replacing it…
Look forward to hearing from you on this matter.
You can reach me at Edward Graham [protected] or

Sincerely Edward Graham

Found At: Frigidaire – lfhb2741pf4 refrigerator ice maker jbnd-26

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