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In March 2020, I wanted to upgrade our Internet from 50/50 to something with higher speeds.
Quoted one price over the phone, got different price on the bill two times across 3 different people at Frontier. This is an organizational problem – not 1 person.
Due to not published clear pricing as an existing customer of their internet speeds,
and terrible customer service experience. I will be looking to switch internet service providers. New customers beware! This is the only recourse I have as a customer is to use my voice to warn others.
This will be reported on every review site and will be reported to the better business bureau related to COVID-19 and is price gouging. I believe
that due to COVID-19 they didn’t want to honor the price and updated it to $115 behind the scenes given the high demand for internet.

History with Frontier:
We were originally Verizon customers in 2010 through 2016. We were switched to Frontier in April 2016 when they acquired Verizon.
Up until the below, we’ve never had to interface with
Frontier at all. We are only Internet customers.

Mid-March called about Internet Updates to 100/100, 250/250, 500/500 or Gigabit. I wanted New Customer pricing or would switch (almost half the price per month
compared to existing customer pricing).
Was quoted on the phone the following:
– 100/100 upgrade can be done without Tech. coming inside the home. (During COVID-19)
– For just $70 a month (our best deal for existing customers and isn’t available for new customers), you get gigabit (1000/1000). Required tech to come inside home.
Being uncomfortable with someone coming inside home, i decided to go with 100/100.

Couple Days later:
I changed my mine to wanting the Gigabit service. I called Frontier back and said i wanted the $70 per month gigabit offer for existing customers. I scheduled a time for the tech to come out
on 3/30/2020 (monday) from 8am to 12pm. I noted the ticket # for this service.

On 3/30/2020 early afternoon:
I called Frontier asking why they haven’t come, and gave my ticket #. They said thats not your ticket #, here’s your real ticket # and they will be there on 3/31/2020 (Tuesday) between 1pm and 5pm.
– Common Sense: They messed up, and rescheduled it without communicating to the customer. No call, nothing.

On 3/31/2020 @ 12:30pm:
Technicion shows up without warning and installs. No issues, really profesional tech. He even showed up early.

4/25/2020 (First Bill!)
The bill shows up for $115 a month for gigabit.

4/26/2020 (4pm):
I called Frontier. They said thats the price, not sure why they quoted you $70 – twice. “They’re stupid.” They agreed its my word vs theirs since prices are not clearly published online for existing customers.
I decided to downgrade to 500/500. The price per month before taxes is $75 per month.

I asked to be refunded the prorated amount of the $115 between 3/31 to 4/26/20. The supervisor declined.

4/26/2020 (6pm):
I received an email from Frontier for the service change and my new bill says its 500/500 and $85 a month!

Are you kidding me?

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