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today was all bad. Myself and four coworkers (all police) visited the gander mountain in Utica. My boss, who is a Sgt, and I both wanted to purchase firearms. My boss gets denied because he is honest and tells the salesman that the address on his DL is of police headquarters because he works under cover.

Now to give you a little background on me. 12 years Marine Corps, 3 years as a manager of a guns and ammo store, and 3 years as a police officer. I am very well versed in the laws especially being that my father was the liaison for the safe act to Long Island for the state police.

With all of that being said the saleman did not want to sell a bunch of out of town cops firearms nor help arrange for them to be transferred to our nearest gun shop.

We understand that sometime people put firearms salesman in tough spots with straw sales and what not but this was not the case. We found two really great deals on guns that were hard to get. The guns were about a 500 dollar savings to us and about an 850 dollar sale for the store x2.

I know this establishment is going out of business but I could not let this go unheard.

Please email me for further details or if we can make this right and purchase these fire arms.

Email is as follows. [protected]

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