Geisinger Health System

On 10/16 I went to Lewistown-Geisinger hospital to have my pinky finger checked. Xrays showed no brake so I was given two percocet and sent home and told to follow up with my family Dr. No medication was prescribed for my extreme pain and I was told to use OTC Tylenol. I called my family Dr later that morning to request a follow up apponitment as well as the need for stronger pain medication than OTC. I told them how extreme my pain was. I have no use of my right hand due to the pain I’m in. I recieved a return call stating my Dr said to try Alieve, ice packs and elevation. Several hours past and my pain is still so bad so I call back. Of course the same thing, explain everthing all over for about the 5th time today and wait for a return call. The receptionist calls back and says she has made me an appointment with orthopeditics on Monday 10/21/2019. I ask again, so what about my extreme pain? Would you want to live in horrible pain for a week waiting on a dr? I understand people abuse medications but dang! Dont punish those of us who really need it. I have a right as a patient to have my pain controlled and you have failed me! Look through my chart. You’ve not given me any RX for pain medication recently. I am getting rid of this insurance as well as any Geisingier Drs ASAP. My dog gets better treatment from his Vet.

Found At: Geisinger Health System – not tending to patient complaints

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