GeoHoliday Vacation Club

All of those who are sick of paying for timeshsares from these scammers please read this. If you are making payments through Equiant Financial you need to know this: They did not loan you any money! They are just a payment processor for Geoholiday. They collect the money from you and give it to them! So, if you stop paying, Geoholiday is the only one out money! If all of us who were lied to and swindled stop paying maybe they will take notice that we will not put up with their dishonesty. Stopping payment can be a pain in the butt. You may have to cancel a credit card or change bank accounts or even banks, but worth it. Also, stop paying your maintainence fees. Why pay for something you did not buy! I bought what the salesmen told me, not what Geoholiday is in reality. For those of you who are paying through someone else, look into it. They may be the same sort of company as Equiant Fianacial. I hope this info is helpful to a few of you out there. I am going to continue to gather people together to try to start a Class Action Lawsuit. But that means people need to get in touch with me. I am a mother of 3 young children and don’t have time to track down everyone!

Brittney Murphy

Found At: GeoHoliday Vacation Club – Timeshare fraud

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