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Good Day,

I placed an order on 30 November for the GHD Desire, Money was taken from my account, however on the 8th December without receiving the product or any notification, the money was reversed back into my account, to my understanding the order would have then been cancelled as GHD/Jamella had not claimed the funds. I took it upon myself to then order my GHD Desire set from Italy as I am in Malta and thought perhaps there was a customs issue with the one coming from the UK and that’s why the funds had been reversed, I paid and all has gone smoothly re order from italy, however on the evening of the 9th, Jemella UK took it upon themselves to take the €350 from my account again without any notification or authorization, which has now resulted in my account been in a debt aswell as me having two GHDs on the way which makes no sense. The GHD UK will need to recall the order and process the funds back into my account as they refunded me for the initial order placed prior to me ordering from Italy due to their mishap. Kindly advise asap.

Found At: GHD / Jemella – GHD desire order

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