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I placed an order for two prescription glasses using a discount code in addition to a store credit that I had from returning a pair earlier this year. After two weeks I get an email that one frame was sold out and to select another, which I did. I responded to the email as directed but only got an automated response. I also noticed that the second frame was significantly cheaper on another site so I sent an email with the screen shot and web address. I again received an automated response (they advertise price match guarantee. That never happened).
So began the phone calls. I told the “service” rep (located somewhere in Asia) of the order change. I was assure that all would be processed. It wasn’t. I never received any further emails except for automated responses to my requests for updates. So I look today and not only had my order status not changed, the second pair of frames is now sold out. I make yet another call to Asia and explain the situation several times to “ralph” who at first Is unable to calculate what the cost would be should he remove the unavailable frame, and then can’t figure out how to refund the entire order plus the credit. He finally assured me that the refund will be given in three days and the store credit returned. Of course none of this happened. Now I get to file complaints with the FTC and bbb and my credit company to have my money returned.

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