Innate Synergy - Port out from maxis

DO NOT BUY INTO THIS CLUB. They say it’s not a timeshare but that is exactly what this is. Their sales people know how to sell and will say anything (misrepresentation) they think you need to hear in order to get you to sign the contract. Don’t believe a word. They use RCI to exchange your 10K/yr points. I don’t have a problem with RCI. But you should know that as an RCI member you automatically have access to RCI’s ‘last call’ and ‘extra vacation weeks’ features. As a last ditch effort, the RCI sales reps will make it sound like GEVC is giving you “unlimited weeks” …something over and above the normal RCI ‘last’ call and “extra vacation weeks” features. Don’t fall for it. If I were you, I wouldn’t even attend the presentation. We feel stupid for losing our $700 down payment. But at least we didn’t throw good money after bad…so didn’t make the first payment and will not make further payments to pay off the $7K balance. Let them make all the credit threats they want.

Found At: Global Exchange Vacation Club – GEVC – Misrepresentation

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