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Around two weeks earlier our Globe landline phone [protected] lost its dial tone along with wifi internet connection. As always we have to report and call 211 Globe’s so-called customer services that in my annoyance and frustration should be renamed to customer disservices. Globe’s outsourced call center helpdesks are manned with pretenders who make false pretenses to be of help – always full of their routine regrets and assurances as if it could soothe customer and solve problems.

This is from the initial agents who answer the call up to so-called supervisors. Imagine a supervisor who pretends that she is not hearing you when you’ve been connected and have been talking for some minutes – and all of a sudden ends and disconnects your call. Calling 211 is a stressful exercise in futility.

Globe always underscore the words “fair use” and I think it’s a one-way deal for their own benefit and leaves customers holding an empty bag at the other end. They drag their feet fixing customer problems starting from 211 and down to their outsourced field personnel who’re supposed to fix problems. And yet without remorse and on the fly disconnects services when customers cannot settle bills on time – taking advantage of their customers’ lack of helpdesk.

Our plan calls for 15 mbps and when our connection has been restored the speed stays put at 8 mbps – way, way below of their so-called 80% efficiency clause in the contracts small print. We used to have no lower than 12 mbps before we lost our connection.

I do not know how Globe can get away with this in selling an item that they cannot support fully. When I buy a 1.5 liter Coca Cola as advertised it’s really 1.5 liter. Unlike Globe, it will not have an excuse giving me only 1 liter and say in small print the other 0.5 was lost in the production process. I think the DTI and NTC should look into this kind of false advertisement.

I usually do not resort to this extent shouting down from top of mountains venting my frustration in dealing with Globe’s customer help. I also have a PLDT phone aside from Globe in my residence – as a fall back just in case of breakdowns. I used to think the odds of two telecoms crashing at the same time were quite remote – now, it’s a false belief. No wonder the uproar and clamor for a third telco is getting louder and making sense.

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