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This email is in the pursuance of our last visit in Hotel zone by the park situated at D-65A, Madho Singh Road, Sindhi Colony, Bani Park, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302016 which we have booked via your platform on the basis of goodwill of your existence in the market.

Through this email, I would like to mention my experience during my stay at the hotel. Firstly, the gesture I received from the receptionist was not delightful, she was very rude and there was nothing like attentive and polite behavior towards visitors.

Effortless behavior of the staff Receptionist(Miss Meenal is her name) was disrespectful and after entering into the room things were not working in a fine manner. When a Hotel has to show off their facilities then they highlight the same, but at the same point when they are unable to furnish the same, they just neglect it like anything.

Dryer, television, fridge and one of the table lamps were not in working condition and when we were asked to repair the same, they just performed a formality and not a single time felt sorry for the same.

I can say that when any one is coming for a day outing because of some genuine reasons the hotel is not taking them respectfully and not showing any gratitude and responsible behavior towards them. Repairing these gadgets almost took minutes from our own time. But being a good human being, we have neglected it softly.

Apart from that the biggest blunder we have gone through was connected rooms with a door which you can easily see in enclosed images and video. How a room can be allotted to a customer while abandoning their privacy and making them suffer with loads of noises of nearby /connected rooms. It’s so evident that a door in between both rooms is violating the safety of both customers staying at those rooms. If it was a family type room so it has not to be allotted to others as this is inadequate and unacceptable in terms of someone’s privacy.

I haven’t paid the hotel to provide an awful experience and to make me suffer like this while muddling our privacy. We have been forced to take the noises of other roommates due to that joint door and to get irritated with it.

Things did not end here at the time of food delivery in the room, they just messed up the things while getting an order in one go and that resulted as food was just getting snowy. We bear with that too and not complain to anyone.

Things got insufferable when just 5 minutes got over from 6 pm and receptionist Miss Meenal called and said you will be charged for the next day because your time got over by 6 pm, I was like yes, I know it and to come down things take time. When I said give me 10 minutes which was not 10 hrs , she just showed a rude, discourteous attitude towards us which was definitely not at all ideal.

When you are allotting such rooms while ignoring the privacy of visitors, and not checking room condition just passing keys then you are not noting it out in your notes that what we have provided and plus on that this uncivil attitude throwing out to the customer is an irony and woeful event.

During checkout she has shown such a pitiful outlook towards us like she has offered something to us for free and we are nothing, this was so ill mannered and disturbing for us. Later on, there was nothing kind of thanks for visiting us kind of lines from her and to ask for feedback. She just screamed like an unlearned lady and said its all clear.

I was astonished due to this behavior of that lady which was truly ungrateful and ill mannered. For the sake of minutes, she has thrown such an unpleasant behavior towards us and not even grasped their own mistakes related with room type, time wasting of a customer and so on.

It was a literally despondent and inconsolable event from the side of hotel staff (Receptionist) and all these events ruined our day outing and just created a troublesome situation and experience for us during our stay at the hotel.

I want compensation from your website or from the hotel whoever is going to take the liability of such an insubstantial experience because it was a waste of my money and time with this hotel into which I have gone via goibibo. Now I wanted to check, what kind of customer satisfaction you people are maintaining in reality or it’s only in papers to do the marketing.

Prompt action on this will be appreciated and later on I’ll be forced to update ratings on social; media platforms too because when it comes to privacy it’s not a matter to be taken for granted.

Thanks & Regards

Ali Kamran

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