GoldenSand Capital / GSR Ventures

Can I call them scammers and untrustworthy? Hard to say at first glance. They don’t seem to be decent either. Why? At least because there’s no information about their team.
The website states that the company was founded by Sonny Wu and Richard Lim, but who are they? Too famous to be introduced?
That’s cool they have three branches and even provided addresses. But what does their staff think of a lack of information about them? Is that fair? If they are not interested in this, then the same can’t be said about investors and clients, who want to be invested in. So it’s50/50 here. On the one hand, this fact they have three offices may be the truth, but on the other hand, not enough information is provided or hidden, so you will probably have a hard to me when making a decision…

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Found At: GoldenSand Capital / GSR Ventures – 50/50

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