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GoldRocks Golden Retrievers

Kimberly Schulz”>

This woman has more lawsuits against her that can be counted. Recently, Judge Yuille in Genesee Count ordered canctions of over $19, 000.00 be paid to myself and my attorney in a case that dragged on for over 3 years with this woman. In the meantime, her Township sucessfully sued her, and the judge in THAT case ordered her to pay their legal fees. Puppy buyers who have sued her to get her to hone her guarantee (they have puppies who are dysplastic and have cost thousands in vet bills, and she will not return their calls, emails, letters, or even show up in court) AND because she was suspended by the AKC for 10 years they cannot get registration papers as she promised, are also owed thousands of dollars. She has left the Gordon Road property, leaving horses and many cats there, and take her dogs to an undiclosed property in either Gladwin, the Saginaw area, or Harrison. She claims to be raising and training “service dogs”. She produced hundreds of puppies a year, has failed to pay income taxes since 1992 (the IRS has now got a lien on her Fenton property which is in foreclosure), and always seems to be able to get away with these things. There is a bench warrant for her arrest for failure to make a scheduled payment to one of the puppy buyers who successfully sued her.
My attorney worked hard for 3.5 years and deserves to be paid the remainder of his legal fees, and I want what was awarded to me (although it doesn’t come close to what I’ve already paid.)

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