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My name is Adrian Grigoriu, Australian Citizen.

.1) On the 9th of Nov 21, Google forced my account on double Authentication against my will. That is, I have to use my phone to receive the authentication codes in a SMS in order to sign in.
But I don’t use my phone except for browsing hence I don’t even have a telco contract. I just have a pre-paid $10 SIM card for the whole year just for emergencies.
I do not need your extra authentication, I have nothing to hide and I am not active on social networks.
My signing on a couple of old phones for apps updates ends up in using the 4/5G network to login. Each time I will have to pay for the SMS.
Nevermind you keep a record of my phone number now. This is a breach of privacy.
Please remove your enforced authentication over the phone network.
Google should not ask their your customers to pay for signing in to their account. They should use another email account for instance.

.2) Google keeps SENDING ME NOTIFICATIONS ON THE PHONE asking me to introduce my age in your account. They are not only annoying but they have no legal right to do that. These notifications should cease. Collecting this kind of personal information reminds me of the communist regimes. Are we becoming that?

.3) You are also sending me notifications with my whereabouts every month. I don’t need them. But they scare everyone. Google is effectively spying on us, on people, because it can. Please stop that or ask for our accord.
Google breaks again our right to privacy. And who knows whom they are sharing this info with?
I can disable the locations report but Google will continue to collect this information which sooner or later will be shared with various agencies. Google will have no more control because the law would say so, like in China .

This is so unlike the company I believed in. This collection of private info is risking the security of all users whose information can easily go now into the wrong hands.

Found At: Google – Google forced my account on double authentication with phone which costs now

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