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To whom it may concern,

On 25th Oct 2018, we have booked a grab car via Grab Apps. Referring to the destination we allocated, the rate charges from Grab is RM4.00 as clearly stated, however, when the driver reached, she said nothing about it which just pick & drive to the location we required.

Upon reaching the ends point of location, before we drop off her car, the driver stopped us & say’s we need to pay additional RM10.00 with her reason stated that, this destination trip charges is not logic at all that only cost RM4.00.

We refuse to pay because we pay as what it charged. Then the drives stopped us to dropped off & demand us to pay, otherwise cannot dropped off from her car. In the stressing condition, we feel unsafe so we just paid first then only log complains. We have log complain in several grab website, but it seems our case wasn’t entertained or the technical issue. Therefore, we decided to send this last complaint form on this website & we shall proceed to KPDNKK on further action toward Grab.

Dear Grab customer service, if you acknowledge our complaint, we do hope that you could get us back for further information you needed & resolve it professionally.

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