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On 4/15/2019 I started my 4th class at Grand Canyon University. Within 3 days I realized I could not attend this university any longer. Due to the class expectations and having zero guidance from professors throughout all classes in the program. This was not what I signed up for and was quite different then what the recruiters had painted. Working full-time as a Registered Nurse and mother of 3 I could not dedicate the 40 plus hours a week these classes were demanding. I had received a scholastic scholarship to Grand Canyon University as I was graduating with honors from Nursing school. I contacted my advisor 4/18/2019 and stated that I wanted to drop from class and program effective immediately. I was told that I should not do that and she would reach out to professor. I had multiple phone conversations with her that week stating if it is money we can use the Pell Grant or Unsubsidized loans, I let her know it was not money but rather my dissatisfaction. I stated the withdraw policy of 1 week was very close, and I was assured this would not be a problem. I tried 5 times to withdraw online with errors every time. The following week I again called and tried to withdraw, she stated she would email me the proper forms. I did not receive until 5/2/2019, which I filled out immediately as I had already enrolled in a new Bachelors in Nursing program. I received phone calls from GCU recruiters every other day trying to encourage me to reenroll in Nursing program. I did not receive any phone calls about a balance owed. I then started receiving bills for $827.76 balance owed, when I reached out to GCU they advised me that my counselor tried to apply my federal pell grant to account which would have “resolved” this, I did not authorize this as I had dropped course. GCU also stated, that they cannot resolve this “but if you reenroll with GCU we will offer a $827.76 scholarship”, other than that we cannot resolve this. I was also told that I “should have answered my telephone” and none of this would have happened. I have spent hours speaking with this supposed Christian based University and just continued to be coerced to reenroll or pay balance I do not owe. I also requested transcripts of supposed phone call and email attempts, class transcripts, withdrawal form as well as my invoice with charges and pell grants/loans applied to account which I have still not received. Their system is setup so you cannot withdraw, speaking with counselor in regard to withdraw is ignored, then you are harassed to reenroll in their program or else you owe a balance you are not responsible for. I understand my balance is low but I am filing this based on principle. I called to withdraw, was advised not to withdraw and had to fight to withdraw (absorbing GCU’s 1 week policy), was advised my account was in good standing, coerced to rejoin their program or else I owe a balance, and having my credit blemished by their manipulative fiscal games. According to The Grand Canyon University Class Action Lawsuit is Lee Ward v. Grand Canyon Education Inc. d/b/a Grand Canyon University, Case No. 1:17-cv-01749GCU “has adopted practices designed to discourage online students from dropping or withdrawing from courses so that it can prevent students and the federal government from getting refunds, the GCU class action lawsuit alleges.” I tried to withdraw multiple times within policy guidelines and was not able, I do not owe GCU a penny and would like this removed from credit bureaus effective immediately. I have attached email communications, class action lawsuit and collections bill.

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