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This complaint is under this reference number # [protected]. On wednesday at 6am I was looking forward to my trip, the regular route was changed it seemed like it was longer than before. Any way I have health issues and I asked may I sit up front i was told no cause the drivers bag was on both sets of seats for disabled or elderly. I did not say anything then. So when we transferred to the next bus the same thing. I needed to be able to stretch my legs cause I am on blood thinners and I cannot be restricted again the bus drivers bag blocked those seats. This time there were a couple of people who was clearly older and had canes was told they had to go to back. So now I realized that this was a practice. Not cool at all. Some of the drivers on this trip was rude there were no children on the bus bus thats how some of us felt. Now pulling into New York City I thought I lost my wallet but not sure when or where i do not blame them. The rest of the trip was very constricting for me to the point that I had to go to er in florida to find out that I had bakers cyst which comes from cut off cirrculation and the fluid that normally flow stopped and created a pocket behind my knee. All I needed was more leg room. Now getting closer to my next stop I was suppose to transfer in west palm beach florida so when i went to get off I was told not yet so I got back on the bus and went to sleep and the next thing I get was last stop Miami I asked the driver when is the bus to melbourne and he just laughed. I was angry and then I saw my bag and it clearly said Melbourne on it so if that was the case then my bag should have been left at west palm beach or why the driver get on bus and say is Rita here we have your bag I mean thats why it is tagged. Now I am stuck in Miami til following day but I was told I would have to purchase to purchase another ticket. We were seeing if there was a shuttle I might be able to take nothing. My mom called corporate and they told her it was a Miami problem was transferred the phone rang and bounced her back to corporate. I have been going every year for the last 5 years and this was the trip from hell. I am angry I want to be fully reimburst for this [censored]ed up trip and my mother needs to be reimbursed as well. She will be filing her complaint. I want to be compensated for my er visit and the fact I was in so much pain and now I have to have my knee drained because I had no room. If you need any other information please feel free to contact me at [protected] Thank you

Found At: Greyhound Lines – Greyhound bus lines corporate office

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